Beta test School Master

Development Of SchoolMaster Started

6 Jul 2015

The first step in the development of SchoolMaster started on an initiative from a German company located in Munich. The company tested Educator, our previous software for classroom management, and has shown great interest in having similar software for German market exclusively. After a longer negotiation period, we finally started to develop new software product following given requirements. The first version was presented only 3 months later. We worked really hard with more than 12 hours daily, including weekends, but all the effort worth it since the presented version passed strict requirements. We continued our work in the next few months, but then problems with payments emerged. The company could not decide on one of the offered payment models for a long period of time, and since agreement was not made, we concluded that it is best for us to publish this program as our own product instead. It was a very hard decision to make, but the software was very well optimized and, even then, it had advanced algorithms for fast image streaming which would bring an advantage over similar products. Therefore, with positive thoughts and good faith, we continued development on a program which we later named SchoolMaster.